The “Qiaogong” anesthetic video laryngoscope is composed of two parts—host and blades. A set of host can adapt to multiple different specifications of reusable metal blades or disposable blades to reduce the doctor-patient cost and maximally satisfy the various clinical needs of tracheal intubation by adopting the disconnection of blades and camera module.

Product Advantages

Blade alone can be detached from the main unit for sterilization, dramatically reducing the treatment cost for both hospitals and patients. 3 sizes of interchangeable blades available for different patient conditions.
Blades fit the physiological structure, with extremely thin thickness, solving the problem of small size oral opening.
Patented design, reusable blade and camera module are seperated,so sterlize way can be autoclaving.
Disposable blade avoids cross contamination.

Megapixel camera provides real 720P high-definition real-time image. The disconnecting structure between the camera module and blades maximally reduces cost and medical wastes.
3.5"LCD screen presents clear image with adjustable viewing angle.
photo/video shoot and storage enables easy training or sharing.
3450mAh rechargeable lithium battery provides super long endurance.

Mother board


Camera module


Ultra-thin blades

Arious sizes of both reusable and disposable blades for all elderly, adult and young patients.