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Recruiting Positions

1. Electronic Engineer (Position Requirements)
  • 1、Design and develop electronic circuit system and provide technical support to related personnel;
  • 2、Analyze electronic circuit system requirements and client requirements, estimate cost and prepare budget, and decide the feasibility of projects;
  • 3、Design the whole electrical system and circuit schematic diagram of each module, PCB;
  • 4、Design the welding, commissioning, installation and testing processes of the circuit board, and guide the pre-phase production of new products;
  • 5、Lead in the medical, metrology, C and CCC certificationsof the products, improve product design with structural engineers
Position Qualifications
  • 1、College degree or above in relevant majors like Automation, Electronics, Radio, Electrical Appliance, Computer or Mechatronics;
  • 2、Three years above college degree, two years above bachelor’s degree working experience in single chip programming;
  • 3、Having the development experience of single chip and embedded hardware
Skill Requirements
  • 1、Familiar with digital circuit and analogous circuit, familiar with performance and design of various elements; solid electronic and electrical professional knowledge and strong hands-on ability, familiar with the property and applications of various electronic components;
  • 2、Skilled in using circuit design software like Altium Designer or other circuit design software; master the basic knowledge in PCB wiring with multi-layer board
  • 3、Familiar with EMC and CMI design of the circuit system, can understand English documents related to basic embedded, such as IC brochure.

2. Structural Engineer(Position Responsibilities)
  • 1、Responsible for the structural design of the project products
  • 2、Communicate with Electronic Engineers, responsible for product’s internal stack and sample machine evaluation.
  • 3、Responsible for other matters told by leaders
Position Qualifications
  • 1、Capable of skilled use of software like SolidWorks, UG and CAD to design and convert 2D & 3D.
  • 2、Understanding of design, having good creative ideas and team work spirit.
  • 3、Proactive in doing things, ready to shoulder responsibility./li>
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